Class Specs

$500 Gambler’s Choice Jumper Class (Mid Oct)

Open to all riders. Gamblers choice: Each jump will be given a point value and every time a horse clears a jump they receive the points assigned to that fence. Points will only be awarded once for jumping a jump – unless you are taking the same jump from a different direction. (For example, if you take the same jump repeatedly you will only get points for the first time you jumped that fence. You may jump it a second time and be awarded points IF going in the opposite direction.) Riders may take any path they choose and jump the jumps in any order the choose. There will be a time limit of 90 seconds and the horse and rider combination who has the most points at the end of their time will be the winner.

Entry Fee: $50

Prize money: $180, $120, $75, $50, $50, $25, R, R

$2000 High Line Tack Jumper Mini Prix (Mid Oct)

Open to all riders. 1.10 (3’6″). Table 2 (A/B).
To be held in Ring 1.

Entry Fee: $125

Prize money: $600, $400, $250, $200, $175, $150, $125, $100

Friday Costume Class (October)

You can lead or ride in this class, it is judged on your costume. Walking only.
Categories to include:

Most Original
Most Elaborate

Please only enter one category

Entry Fee: $15

Haunted Derbies (October)

These are single round derbies offered at multiple heights in multiple rings. The round will be scored, and there will be the opportunity to score up to 10 bonus points for your costume.  Open to all riders.

Entry Fee: $40

Prize money: $180, $120, $75, $50, $50, $25

Haunted Jumper Classic (October)

This will be an optimum time class. Table IV 1. You will be given a bonus of 1, 2 or 3 for your costume.

A costume score of 1 will get you .01 second closer to the optimum time.
A costume score of 2 will get you .02 second closer to the optimum time.
A costume score of 3 will get you .03 second closer to the optimum time.

The display board will be turned off.  We will have a rider not entered in the class who will ride the course first with the display board on as a rider reference time.

Any ties will jump off.

It will be offered at 2′, 2’6″ or 2’9″.

Entry Fee: $40

Prize money: $180, $120, $75, $50, $50, $25

$1500 Sedgefield Hunter Derby

The “Hunt and Go” format was only introduced several years ago as a way to shorten the original derby format while still offering a classic and a handy round. Instead of all riders competing through the classic and then returning at a later time for a handy, the course is designed as half classic and half handy. Riders are therefore able to highlight their horse’s strengths in both formats. We will run this derby at 2’6”, 2’9”, 3’, and 3’3” Each entrant will receive a numerical score for the classic round and a separate numerical score for the handy round. All horses will complete the handy round unless they have a major fault such as a refusal, pole down, or a fall. The total of the two rounds will be the final score.

Entry Fee: $100

Prize money: $450, $300, $225, $150, $120, $100, $80, $75

Sedgefield Mini Derby

Open to any non-professional rider showing at the 2’6″ height or under. Fences 2’, 2’3” and 2’6”.
Hunt and Go format – classic round in ring 2, handy round in ring 3. Numerical scoring for both rounds.

Entry Fee: $50

1st $105 2nd $75 3rd $45 4th $30 5th $30 6th $15 7th R 8th R

** This derby is intended for more novice type riders. If you are an advanced Junior or Amateur riding your green
horse or pony this Derby is not for you. No cross entering between regular derbies and the Mini Derby. Thank you for understanding.

The SATP Equitation Challenge (All shows except The Haunted Classic)

Open to any junior or amateur riders jumping 2’6” or higher in regular competition.
This challenge will consist of 3 phases, a Hunter Phase, a Jumper Phase, and a flat Phase. You may enter the phases individually but to be eligible for the overall placings you must do all 3.

Hunter Phase – To be shown over a minimum of 8 jumps at 2’6” or 2’9”. It is recommended that the course be a straight forward hunter course consisting of natural jumps. 1 or 2 tests may be incorporated into the course. A numerical score will be given.

Jumper Phase – To be shown over a minimum of 9 jumps at 2’6” or 2’9”. A Time Allowed will be used based on a speed of 360 yards per minute. The judge will give a numerical score for each competitor’s round. The announcer will announce the judge’s numerical score and then deduct time faults as follows: one point for each commenced second over the Time Allowed.

Flat Phase – All riders shall be worked both ways of the ring at all required gaits as directed by the judge. Judges may ask from USEF tests 1-17.

Overall – includes Hunter, Jumper and Flat. All Phases to be scored under the numerical system. Scores from each phase will be added together to determine the overall winner. In the event of a tie for any placing, the highest hunter phase score will break the tie.

Three riders must complete the class in order for the points to count for that phase.
The same horse/pony must be used in all phases of the event.
Only one rider per horse/pony, unless the judge requests a change.
Classes to be judged in accordance with the current NCHJA standards for equitation.


$750 Pony Derby (July)

This class will consist of two rounds with the first round being a classic hunter round and the second a handy hunter round. Open to ponies showing in the regular pony divisions and in the children’s pony division. Obstacles must simulate those reminiscent of the hunt field.

Entry Fee: $65

Prize money: $250, $150, $100, $85, $65, $50, $25, $25





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